The Build it Global Inc. Solution

Build It Global Inc. (BIG) is the world's first peer-to-peer virtual e-business matrix that will revolutionize project finance in the construction industry. BIG's mission is to become the premier project financing facilitator by providing innovative consulting and financial services using next-generation technology. This technology based solution offers a collaborative environment for project owners, governments and sponsors to increase the number and quality of business opportunities, reduce the systematic risk inherent in project financing, improve risk management and mitigation, reduce overall financial cost, reduce development time during the pre-construction phase and identify revenue drivers through intellectual property structuring.

Overall, BIG has designed a step-by-step business process to drive projects from idea through financing and has established a specific methodology and standards to help investors to preserve their investments and reduce risks associated with construction projects. BIG delivers real value and a quality brand to the project finance and construction industries through performance with integrity.