BIG is an authorized representative and reseller for specialized message level security solutions. This security solution allows companies or individuals working in highly sensitive industries like the oil and gas business or banking industry to engage in "high stakes transactions" with confidence. The technology is already deployed at organizations as diverse as Philips Electronics, the United Nations and the Indonesian TELKOM. The internal audit department of ING Barings bank judged the product as the superior Internet security tool available on the market.

As you may know, 90 percent of fraud occurs on the server side. SSL--Secure Socket Layers technology, touted as the standard for web security, protects the channel through which communications travel from one party to another but does nothing to secure them once they've arrived at the other side (think of it as a secure voice tube only). Do you really know who is talking? Do you have any legally binding proof of what they committed to during the communication?

We have a patented process that secures the messages themselves as opposed to the channel. This is done by affixing a legally binding digital signature to the messages, which can be electronic files of any kind. The great advantage of this unique approach is that digitally signed messages can travel over even insecure networks (eg. Internet); the digitally signed message can never be changed (tampered with), therefore can easily be processed in downstream locations while simultaneously eliminating the risk of internal fraud; the security service of NRO (non-repudiation of origin) ensures that the sender cannot later deny having digitally signed the document (this makes the communication legally binding as well). The solution solves today's e-commerce dilemma in that users can exchange and sign contracts via the web and have a legally bin ding document rather than sending hard copies for original signatures. We believe message level security is the only cost-effective solution for the long term for any organization doing electronic transactions (and while it may seem a new paradigm, in fact it mirrors how we've been doing business in the paper world for centuries).

Message level security ensures the following:

1) Security applied at the application layer (level 6 and 7 of the OSI model) ensures the security is unaffected by any changes that may occur at the lower levels, as opposed to conventional methods such as SSL which secure only at level 4 (transport layer)

2) "Out of the box" Legally binding Non-repudiation of origin-NRO. Conventional PKI vendors are only selling certificates (think of these as an electronic version of a driver's license). If you want to sign an agreement, it is not sufficient to simply show your driver's license to your counter-party; indeed, we require a signature before we can proceed with confidence! We provide the electronic equivalent of this signing action, i.e. the security service of NRO is the basis of a true digital signatures

3) Secure connection between different applications. For example: most banks use Lotus notes for their messaging, but most clients do not - the solution can bridge disparate applications

4) Secure and assured message delivery services on a par with traditional Telex in terms of security and reliability. Think of it as an electronic version of FedEx that fully leverages the tremendous convenience, speed and cost savings of the Internet. The security services of Authenticity, Integrity (data can never be changed) and, privacy are established. Moreover, there is the assurance of an audit trail in perpetuity

5) Ability to exchange EDI messages between computer applications, at tremendous cost-savings compared to VPN's and other conventional methods. Option for secure time stamping (this third party service is useful in the event of dispute between communicating parties)

See one of the basic problems identified below.

What the e-commerce market has been yearning for is an electronic equivalent of fully secure, easy-to-use communications between people, applications and machines. It is now available. A former European banker in cooperation developed the technology with world-class cryptographers to: accommodate the stringent requirements of the European banking industry; to comply easily with any standards in the market; and to be fully interoperable. In-house and out-sourcing options exist as well as risk-free trials.

Are you or any of your clients interested to know how they might immediately benefit from such services and technology solution?

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