Sourcing of Service Providers via BIG's Network

The owner realize he needs the assistance of additional content, services and resources in order to continue his endeavor. Through BIG, he is able to tap in to a vast network of professionals, organizations, service providers, institutions, and other members of BIG.

He begins the process of sourcing candidates and organizations qualified to assist him. Using BIG's extensive catalog, he narrows his list of providers based on selections criteria. With BIG's extensive rating and monitoring system, the owner is able to qualify and narrow his selection list based on specific rating criteria, including, but not limited to past performance, cost, geography, availability, abilities, and personal preference. From this list, the owner creates a detailed RFQ, and submits it to the chosen providers.

As providers respond, the owner is able to compare and negotiate through BIG contracts for the provision of services, content, and resources. Once finalized, an owner has tailored a team of individuals needed for him to accomplish his project financing initiative.